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5 Star remanufactured inkjet cartridge equivalent to Lexmark No. 35, 18C0035E
Page Life of approximately 450 pages
2 year warranty on inkjet cartridges
In the unlikely event that a faulty cartridge causes damage to a printer, the cost of repair will be covered


5 Star Compatible (Lexmark 18C0035E Equivalent) Colour Inkjet Cartridge

Compatible Printers

Lexmark P4350  

Lexmark P315  

Lexmark P4330  

Lexmark X2510  

Lexmark X5070  

Lexmark X3350  

Lexmark X5260  

Lexmark X4530  

Lexmark X5470  

Lexmark Z1310  

Lexmark X2500  

Lexmark Z845  

Lexmark P6250  

Lexmark Z812  

Lexmark X5250  

Lexmark X7170  

Lexmark X5075  

Lexmark X5210  

Lexmark X5270  

Lexmark X3530  

Lexmark Z1420  

Lexmark Home Copier Plus

Lexmark Z1300  

Lexmark X5450  

Lexmark X3550  

Lexmark X810  

Lexmark X5490  

Lexmark X8310  

Lexmark X2550  

Lexmark X5410

Lexmark Z810  

Lexmark P915  

Lexmark X3330  

Lexmark X5495  

Lexmark Z1320  

Lexmark X2530  

Lexmark Z815  

Lexmark Z816  

Lexmark Z818  

Lexmark P450  

Lexmark X7350  

Lexmark X8350  

Lexmark Z1410

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